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Downloads Aperio PAP-Tool

PAP Tool Software Online (Ver.
PAP Tool Software Offline (Ver.

PAP Tool Quick installation guide
PAP Tool User Manual

Downloads Aperio Mounting Instructions

C100/C900 cylinder (DIN) (PDF)
C100/C900 cylinder demountable knob (DIN) (PDF)

E100/E900 escutcheon (DIN) (PDF) 
E100/E900 Premium escutcheon (DIN) (PDF) 
E100/E900 escutcheon (Scandinavian) (PDF) 

L100 lock (DIN) (PDF)
L100 lock (Scandinavian) (PDF)
L100 lock (Finnish) (PDF)
L100 lock battery kit (PDF)

AH15 hub (PDF)
AH20-AH30 hub (PDF)
AH40 hub (PDF)

AS100 door position sensor (PDF)

Watching Aperio Installation videos
Take a look at the video's below, demonstrating just how easy it is to install Aperio

 "Time challenge" - Installation of Aperio cylinder in less then 2 minutes

"Aperio cylinder with a DIN Sashlock"

Aperio cylinder with a DIN Nightlatch

Aperio escutcheon with a DIN Sashlock

Aperio escutcheon with a DIN Nightlatch

Aperio RS485 hub

Download Aperio logos and product images

Aperio logos

Image pack Aperio cylinders

Image pack Aperio escutcheons

Image pack Aperio locks

Image pack Aperio hubs

Image pack Aperio illustrations